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Did you know....

Bullfrogs don't sleep?

They may close their eyes, but scientists call it "resting wakefulness". They are just as ready to strike at a food source or flee from an enemy as they would if their eyes were open. This gives a whole new meaning to "just resting my eyes"!

Did you know...

Sunsets on Mars are blue?

On Earth, blue light from the sun is scattered by air molecules and spreads around the sky to create a blue canopy. Mars has less the 1% of Earth's atmosphere, so we only notice the blue when looking through the greatest thickness of the Martian air (and dust) around the time of sunset and sunrise.

Did you know...

We do so much more than just print on paper!

Gerald Printing can do everything from design your new logo (or update an old one) to put that logo on a coffee mug! Promotional products like ink pens, cups, and key rings are only the beginning. Need new shirts or hoodies? We can print them! Need a new sign for your office or banner to promote a sale? We can do that, too! 

Did you know...

Gorillas burp when they are happy?

It's true! We have our own way of laughing, and they have theirs. 

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Bowling Green: 270-781-4770

Clarksville: 931-645-8159

Elizabethtown: 270-982-7279

Franklin: 270-586-0005

Glasgow: 270-651-3751

Russellville: 270-725-4300

White House: 615-672-4552

Did you know...

Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts?

She was named after the Mattel founders’ daughter, Barbara Handler. Their son, of course, is named Ken.

According to Mattel, every 3 seconds a barbie doll is sold somewhere in the world. 




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